In The Record Box – TW Funk Masters Love Money

I was playing this record the other week at Must Be Friday and a couple of lads Shaun and Gary asked me what it is straight away, whilst saying it sounds like reggae infused disco.

Obviously I was happy to share and also confirm to them that their description was not far from the truth. This record was made by Tony Williams who used to DJ on radio London with David Rodigan.

He set out to make a disco record but only had reggae musicians and this was the outcome. It’s rather good and has the most hypnotic baseline.

There is a great article on Greg Wilson‘s blog on the history and influence of this track and he does a much better job than I could ever do. Basically this record influenced many of my favourite producers and DJs such as Francois Kevorkin, Larry Levan, and David Mancusio.

It’s not around on many complications but it was included in the first Loft box set on Nuphonic, Joey Negro has done a great remix and is on the new Keith Hairing album on Soul Jazz.

For me it is a must have record and definitely one you need in your collection, that sound has had a big influence on my life.

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